Laura Burggraf


Born in1985, I studied art history, anthropology and politics.

I don´t take myself too seriously which might be a fault.

I am interested in thousands of things, always hungry for stories generously offered by world (although a lot of them being sad ones) and I enjoy the variety of people I meet while travelling.

I am quite old-fashioned and addicted to freedom. If You notice the contradiction: You got it!

Kunstfotografie Vita


Tour Schedule (except for City trips and Exkursions)

(Important ones concerning creative productivity shown bold)

May – July 2009 Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Galápagos (Hiking, Trekking, Culture, Snorkeling)

June 2010 Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (Snorkeling)

February 2011 Oman (Trekking, Culture)

March 2011 Nepal (Trekking, Culture)

October 2011 Jordan (Trekking, Culture)

June 2012 Pico, Azores, Portugal  (Workshop lead by two marine biologists, Snorkeling)

August 2012 High Tatra, Slowakia (Hiking)

October 2012 Baltic Sea (Workshop about crane migration lead by biologist Geranda Olsthoorn)

June 2013 Morokko (Trekking, Culture)

September 2013 Cappadokia, Turkey (Hiking, Culture)

March 2014 Jordan and Soqotra, Yemen (Hiking, Culture, Snorkeling)

June 2014 Donegal, Ireland (Hiking)

August 2014 Costa Rica (Hiking, Culture)

October 2014 Bale-Mountains and Harar, Ethopia (Trekking, Culture)

March 2015 Oman and Dubai-City (Swimtrekking, Culture)

June 2015 Burren, Ireland (Long distance Hiking)

July 2015 Southwesternengland (Gardentour lead by Gabriele Nadin)

October 2015 Sri Lanka (Hiking, Culture)

January 2016 Dubai-Desert (Monitoring-Project in co-operation with the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: oryx und gazelles)

April 2016 Bafalake, Turkey (Hiking)

May 2016 Mull and Edinburgh, Scotland (Hiking, Culture)

August 2016 Cotswolds, England (Gardentour lead by Gabriele Nadin)

November 2016 Guatemala (Hiking, Culture)

March 2017 Tromsø, Norway (Culture, Husky Sled Tour)

March 2017 Israel (Hiking, Culture)

May 2017 Cornwall, England (Gardentour lead by Gabriele Nadin)

September 2017 Western Greenland (Photo-Workshop lead by Charlie Malmqvist, Carsten Egevang and Audun Rikardsen)

October 2017 Wicklow Way, Ireland (Long distance Hiking)

February 2018 Kenia (Photo-Safari lead by biologists Johanna Werminghausen and Sebastian Striewski)

June 2018 Netherlands (Gardentour)

August 2018 Iceland (Phototour lead by Roland Schweizer and Lukas Gawenda)

October 2018 Madeira, Portugal (Hiking)

January 2019 Simien-Mountains, Ethopia (Trekking)

May 2019 Bulgaria (Culture, Roses)

September 2019 Lapland, Norway/ Sweden (Reindeertrekking lead by

October 2019 Lycian Coast, Turkey (Hiking-Cruise, Culture)

November 2019 Nazaré/Estremadura, Portugal (Giant Waves, Culture)

August 2020 Andorra (Hiking)

In 2020 several tours have been cancelled due to general circumstances as well as in 2021. Several workshops in Munich lead by Lars Wunderlich.

November 2021 Venice, Italy (Phototour lead by Frank Wollinger)

September 2022 Jersey, England (Hiking, Gardens)

February 2023 Sicily/Stromboli, Italy (Volcanoes, Phototour lead by Ulla Lohmann)

April 2023 Lake District, Cumbrian Route, England (Long Distance Hiking)

October 2023 Honshu, Japan (Culture, Gardens)

February 2024 Fishermen´s Trail, Portugal (Hiking)

May 2024 Lakeside Gardens, Italy (Garden tour) scheduled